Pure or Fine Silver is a very soft metal that can easily be damaged. Due to the delicate nature of sterling silver jewellery, care is important.

For silver to be used in creating jewellery, fine silver is combined with 7.5% copper to create Stirling Silver. This process improves the silver’s hardness and durability without effecting the colour. A quality stamp “925” is placed on the piece to indicate the 92.5% fine silver used.
Proper care includes being aware of how you wear the jewellery, how it is stored, and how it is cleaned.

Oxygen and moisture will tarnish sterling silver jewellery over time. To minimise this process, it is recommended that jewellery is stored in an area with low humidity, in an airtight bag (e.g. Ziplock), with clasps unhooked. A packet of silica or a piece of chalk can be placed in the storage bag.

Tarnish can be avoided by wearing jewellery as the natural oils in your skin will help to protect and clean the silver. When undertaking some activities such as working out, cleaning and swimming, it is recommended to remove the piece.

To clean sterling silver jewellery polish it with a microfiber or special jewellery cloth. Use up and down strokes rather than circular motions. Dish washing liquid or a specialised jewellery cleaner can be used to wash the jewellery.

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